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  • Take Control of your Wealth

  • Become an educated Trustee

  • Control your investments

Embrace the power of SSAS Pensions

At SSAS Alliance we enable our Members to embrace the education, accountability and responsibility to unlock the powerful array of benefits available to Trustees including:

  • Controlling your pension and investments
  • Growing wealth in a tax-efficient way
  • Learning, connecting and collaborating with fellow SSAS Trustees
  • Creating tax efficient business benefits
  • Becoming your own Bank
  • Protecting your wealth
  • Creating a powerful legacy for future generations
  • Understand the power, freedom and choice of a SSAS

SSAS is revolutionary. We’re here to help you own your future!

As an all-inclusive community for ambitious entrepreneurs who want to take control of their personal economy, SSAS Alliance has grown leaps and bounds, helping 100s of members to build the future they dreamed of for themselves and their families. By joining our like-minded community of entrepreneurs, we’ll help you build on your learning curve and develop long-term sustainable income streams.

We will show you how SSAS trustees use the pension scheme to involve their children in their thriving businesses and secure the future of their families. With SSAS Membership will get all resources and guidance necessary to build a highly profitable and scalable business model that will give you the freedom and lifestyle you always wanted.


We help SSAS trustees avoid the mistakes, navigate unchartered territories and win big

1. Learn

Become a SSAS member and get complete access to resources that will help you make the best business decisions.

2. Grow

Join SSAS Alliance to connect with seasoned investors and make profitable investments with minimum risk.

3. Achieve

Use our successful strategies to identify the right investment opportunities and build highly profitable businesses

Why Join SSAS Alliance?

With backgrounds in engineering and construction, we humbly bring a combined 40+ years of board-level business and property expertise to the table.

Our extensive experience of operating complex global projects ensures that risk management and sound business operations are an inherent part of everything we do – and everything we now teach other property developers to do.

All the systems, tools and processes we’ve created, and use in our own highly profitable development business, are focused on keeping your business, developments and investors safe, so everyone wins.

With close collaboration to make the best of the revolutionary pension scheme, we will help you stay on the right track towards building a future you always dreamed of for yourselves and your loved ones.

Mark Stokes
Nigel Greene
Kevin Whelan

Create Extraordinary Levels Of Compounding Wealth

  • SSAS Pensions: Creating extraordinary levels of compounding wealth

    Are you serious and passionate about: – Having flexibility in your investment strategy – Leaving a legacy and planning for the long-term – Taking control of ALL of your personal economy – Learning, connecting,…

Listen And Learn From Experiences Trustees


Episode 1 / Posted on 27 April 2020

Learn from enterprising individuals and equip yourself with the invaluable life lessons


Episode 1 / Posted on 27 April 2020

David Johns turned a 20+ year corporate banking career involved in risk management into an independent highly accountable and successful entrepreneurial life for him and his family. We discuss the decision making in getting a SSAS and the accountability needed to achieve effective SSAS investments and the compliance that comes with it.

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