Power and responsibility

At SSAS Alliance we place the safety of our members above all.

We recognise that with the huge power that SSAS has to create great returns comes the responsibility of good compliance and diligence.

We provide unique SSAS specific education and support to ensure you stay clearly within the rules of HMRC. Our rigorous attention to bank grade due diligence helps you stay as safe as possible in today’s uncertain world.

Empower and Enable

Get access to our huge library of resources that will help you to:

  • Attend online and offline events to connect with other trustees for shared learning
  • Use our unique SSAS specific education to create your optimal strategy
  • Be aware of how to stay compliant and follow a trusted diligence process
  • Get connected to trusted professionals for guidance when needed
  • Tap into our massive library of SSAS FAQ’s
  • Participate in mastermind sessions to keep your knowledge up to date 
  • See carefully selected and assessed investment opportunities

We can support and guide you on your journey

The journey of a SSAS trustee can be a lonely one especially when you discover you don’t know what you don’t know.


We Created SSAS Alliance to Help You Own Your Future!

We created SSAS Alliance to help you own your future!

A well run SSAS can be the sharpest tool in the toolbox to help you build wealth on your terms.

A SSAS can help you create multiple streams of income BOTH inside and outside of your business which provides greater security and control for you, your business and your family. This makes so much sense in such an uncertain world.

Founded by Mark Stokes, Nigel Greene and Kevin Whelan from diverse corporate and finance backgrounds, they are all SSAS trustees themselves and know the power of SSAS to create extraordinary levels of compounding wealth. Seeing so little education and poor service in pensions generally, the SSAS Alliance community was created by trustees for trustees. They have an ambition to share the best kept secret for directors.

SSAS Alliance prides itself on its rigorous attention to due diligence. Keeping our members as safe as possible is our utmost priority

Nigel Greene

SSAS Alliance attracts great people and is growing from strength to strength attracting new members monthly. There has never been a better time to become a member yourself. Come and join the SSAS revolution!

Mark Stokes

Taking time to understand how SSAS can benefit you, your business  and your family, could be the best investment you ever make. Becoming a member of  SSAS Alliance will help you create you future wealth faster, safer and more enjoyably.

Kevin Whelan

We’ll help you take control of your personal economy

Join our rapidly expanding community of 1000’s of SSAS Alliance members who are regularly learning, connecting and sharing amazing opportunities.


Beginning your SSAS Journey

We want to create a community of 50,000 enlightened SSAS trustees

We can help you accelerate your personal wealth journey and harness the real power of SSAS inside the SSAS Alliance community

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  • SSAS Pensions: Creating extraordinary levels of compounding wealth

    Are you serious and passionate about: – Having flexibility in your investment strategy – Leaving a legacy and planning for the long-term – Taking control of ALL of your personal economy – Learning, connecting,…

Join a like-minded community of entrepreneurs who have decided to master SSAS and build their own future.


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